Thursday, April 16th 2020

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For Professionals and Small Businesses

It is no secret that with greater risk comes greater reward. But why is that?

What is risk and why is it an important component of strategy? What is a risk mindset? How does it relate to a growth mindset? How can businesses and professionals understand risk to get ahead?

We will be introducing the concept of risk and answering these questions and more.

Large enterprises have long understood the power of risk and how taking and managing risk helps create growth. But the principles of risk are available to everyone to understand and grow personally.

About the Presenter:

Raza Siddiqui has worked in different facets of Risk over the last 15 years, including positions such as: Risk Analyst, Finance and Lease Specialist, Manager of Operations and Fraud, Manager of Legal and Compliance, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, Public Relations and Reputation management Advisor before starting his own risk and compliance-focused advisory for Technology focused firms. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto and is completing an LLB with the University of London and operates multiple businesses.

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