How we generate our revenue

I. Advertisement and Paid Promotions disclaimer

  • Impact Origin is a digital media platform that provides news, analysis, and opinions. Our primary source of revenue is advertisement.
  • Impact Origin Magazine provides communication services to businesses and agencies – and will post sponsored content and paid press releases. This will be highlighted with the labels such as ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Press Release’.
  • Impact Origin is a participant in various affiliate programs (including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program) which are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to e-commerce platforms such as or or its subsidiaries.
  • Impact Origin collects and analyses aggregate anonymous data, in association with its affiliate Impact Discover, such as web or/and social media monitoring and through surveys. These will be used to provide

II. Membership dues

  1. Impact Origin also provides various Membership options, each with a specific set of benefits to individuals, agencies, and businesses.

III. One-on-One Consulting

  1. Impact Origin acts as an agency and can be retained for marketing (web services, content marketing, social media), public relations, business communication and business development strategy and management services. We may choose to provide these services in house or retain the services of independent professionals and/or contractors – in which case we may subcontract the work or receive a commission.

IV. Subsidiaries

  1. Impact Origin is the parent company to Impact Discover, Impact ExL, and Riskinity. These websites provide specific services.